Felt Roofing


A sample of one of our felt roofing London jobs

Felt Roofing has been around  since 1900, the mineral-faced form of asphalt-impregnated felt began to be supplied as roofing shingles cut into individual rectangles at first, then after about 1915, as strips with notches that stimulated the butts of two or three individual shingles. This form is still around today with little change except for a wider variety of colours and butt designs in the felts.
The mineral felt could be installed in a number of ways, such as: mechanical fasteners, hot asphalt, cold asphalt adhesive, non-asphaltic adhesives, heat (torch or hot air) or a combination of these. Lastly, there is often a layer of solar-reflective stones spread over the surface of the mineral felt. The presence of these stones protects the felt surface from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

Felt Roofing London Three layer felting or built up felting.
This is a built up form of roof system consisting of 3 layers of SBS modified polyesterflat felt roof bitumen roofing felt comprising an underlay, top layer & cap sheet with a mineralized finish, which comes in a few colours-  green,blue, red etc.

The first layer is laid directly onto the roof surface and is a perforated layer of felt. The subsequent layers are applied using a purpose made roofing gas torch.

large felt roof

One of our more substantial felt roof jobs.

We have expertise in all types of felt, including high performance Axter(BP) Callender(shell) torch on felts. We ensure the materials used for laying a flat roof are consistent and are made by the same company, therefore ensuring the products work as a system.